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Jamstack: A Better Infrastructure

Websites are not the drag they were only a few years ago. Many of the problems that made both users and developers sad - slow loading pages, complicated technology stacks, security headaches and ongoing maintenance costs, have gone away. Those are problems for legacy websites.

Thankfully modern websites have it covered. Progressive Web Apps, built with modern Jamstack architecture are fast, secure and a joy to build and maintain.

How it’s done

By removing the round-trip to a database and serving static pages from a CDN, Jamstack sites can deliver sub-second page speeds, giving them an unfair advantage over legacy server-stack sites. Even the best, most performant server-stack websites will struggle to achieve the recommended 2.5 seconds for LCP.*

In this example, Sara is still waiting for the server to compile her page while Jema already has hers.

Jamstack Architecture

*Google recommends that sites aim to keep their Large Content Paint (LCP) under 2.5 seconds for 75% of their page loads. [Google] analyzed millions of page impressions to understand how these metrics and thresholds affect users and found that when a site meets the [recommended] thresholds, users are 24% less likely to abandon page loads (by leaving the page before any content has been painted)

**Page speed rating based on Google recommendations for First Content Paint (FCP), Server stack CMS sites (Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal) vs Jamstack sites (Netlify and Github pages) in July 2019.

We analyzed millions of page impressions and found that when a site keeps Large Content Paint (LCP) under 2.5 seconds, users are 24% less likely* to abandon page loads.

*Google, The Science Behind Web Vitals https://web.dev/lcp/#what-is-a-good-lcp-score

8 reasons aside from outrageous speed why Jamstack should give you confidence:

  • 1) Security

    Because the content is stored in documents and only required during publishing, you don’t need a database to be web facing 24:7. This significantly simplifies your security considerations and reduces cost.

  • 2) CDN Hosted

    Cloud hosting, where assets are copied to many different servers in a global network, has typically been reserved for static assets like images and video, while the app itself has to live on a single server. With Jamstack sites, the whole kit and caboodle can be cloud hosted, making the whole app faster, more resilient to hardware failure and globally accessible.

3) Databases are for DBAs

Small or even not so small businesses shouldn’t have to maintain an enterprise level database and server stack to run a simple website. They are vulnerable to cyber-attack and a full time job to care for. If your name isn’t Dave, that’s not a job for you.

  • 4) Bbye to commando FTP

    GIT Version control and a modern deployment process take the sweaty palms out of your workflow. Once a code repository is at the core of your workflow, it’s a breeze to push changes or roll-back to previous versions of your site.

  • 5) Economical to run

    A modern technology stack is not as costly as you might think. Legacy sites can be a headache to maintain which is why you might get charged a monthly fee.

    In reality modern websites are secure and cheap to run right out the box. So build your website and keep your money!

  • 6) No lock-in

    Jamstack is more than just one technology - there are dozens of technology providers supporting it’s development, from frameworks like React, Vue and Angular, dozens of CMS, hosting and deployment options and a healthy and growing community of happy developers.

  • 7) Happy developers

    The reality of web development in 2021 is modern development frameworks are where the best web developers are. Good Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress developers are increasingly hard to find because the best and most well paid web developers have moved to modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue and Angular.

    By opting for a Jamstack approach you’re ensuring a healthy community of happy developers will be on hand to help with your project.

  • 8) You’re in good company

    Some of the companies who are using Jamstack architecture...

    Companies using Jamstack

Okay, what next?

I work with both businesses and design agencies to build websites and improve user experience and I would love to help you with your next project.