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Jamstack: The estate agent business platform

Real estate businesses are often small teams, yet rely on a wide technology feature-set, including content publishing (CMS), bespoke website design, lead management (CRM), marketing automation, geolocation, document management, social and search engine marketing.

While this can seem an unfair barrier of entry, limiting options to the existing Saas software options, the Jamstack approach allows you to seamlessly bring together an enterprise level feature-set on a small business budget.

Jamstack software for Jersey estate agents

  • Local. Well, west

    Channel Island based estate agents have different requirements to UK or elsewhere. Customer searches are different and with 40+ places to look for property, sometimes, an out-the-box solution just isn’t enough.
  • Your website, your brand

    You are not restricted to a one-size-fits-all template. I will help you build the site the best supports your brand and your customers.
  • Content publishing

    Publishing content is a joy with the next generation of headless CMS options. Because the content structure is defined based on your individual business and content needs, you can be confident customers will have the widest range of options to find the content they want.
  • Lead management

    Central to any estate agent software is its marketing automation and trigger-based email tools. Seamlessly integrate marketing automation features or bring your preferred CRM to provide one-click sign-ups based on user searches, advanced sign-up forms, triggered email comms pushed whenever you publish.
  • Geo-location and mapping

    Create geopoints for your properties using Googlemap URLs or via the mapping tool when you create a property. Automatically cross-sell nearby properties and provide map based search.
  • Document management

    Generate printable / PDF documents or floorplans, on-the-fly and control access for signed-up customers if required.
  • Search engines and customers will love your website

    Your site is a CDN hosted, lightening fast, progressive web app (PWA), is easily indexed by search engines and will consistently outperform your legacy stack competitor sites, which gives you a genuine business advantage.
  • Social

    Making your content shareable is key to building inbound links and social borne leads. This is baked into the website user experience.

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